Fyre Flys LED Headlight Eyebrow Eyelid Strip Bulbs for Mercedes Benz C350 C300 C250 C63

Fyre Flys

  • $13.99

Item includes:

  • 4 ~ T10  LED Bulbs for the Eyebrow / Eyelid lights above the W204's headlights.


  • 100% error free bulbs - No "bulb out" dash warning lights will be displayed
  • 18 pieces 4014 Series LED chips per bulb
  • Approx 380-400 lumen each
  • Super bright custom spec'd colors
  • Direct replacement - no modifications needed - Plug & Play
  • Adds approx 3x more light than stock halogen bulbs

Color Options:

  • White

Fits Mercedes Benz Chassis Code W204

2008-2011 C300 / C350 / C63 AMG

2010-2011 C200 / C250

2008-2009 C230 / C280

All LEDs are high quality and built to last. Tested before shipping.

Warranty: Exterior lights 1 year.


1. White and amber are street legal in all 50 states. Other color options (available soon)  please check your state's laws before using on public roads. Colored lights are legal to use on private roads, off road, show use, private parking lots etc.

2. Turn off power to headlights during installation. Make sure you twist and feel the bulb holder lock back onto the headlight. Test to make sure polarity is correct. If the light does not light up turn the bulb holder around 180° and reinstall.